Best Weight Loss Tips at Home patla hony ka leay

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How to weight Loss that is a Question?

we tell some trick how we loss weight in few days..
  1. Keep track of  diet with a food journal.
  2. Drinks at lest 6 glass of water in a day.
  3. Try to more eat green foods.
  4. Cook fat free broth.
  5. Eat Whole grain food.
  6. Measure all your in take.
  7. Use Skim milk.
  8. use smaller plates.
  9. Exercise daily.
  10. Eat more fiber
  11. try to walk daily and try to work with our hands.
  12. take your time eating.
  13. Eat healthy snakes.
  14. try to fresh food.
  15. Cook with fat free both.

Best Weight Loss Tips at Home patla hony ka leay

15 easy Tips for weight loss men and woman


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